Roi Ezra

A software developer with a drive to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget while ensuring commitments are met. I enjoy the thrill of dealing with complex software & hardware, analyzing and solving the problems within a specific time frame. Being an enthusiastic person with new technologies, and the diverse skill set I've acquired over the years I believe I have both the creative and technical skills to be an asset.

What I Do

Web Development

It’s an essential component of your marketing and business strategy. It’s an extension of your brand and a virtual experience for your consumers. When you’re choosing a site developer, you need someone you can trust to execute every aspect to the highest level of quality. Don’t worry: no matter your company, product, or customers, I curate a multi-platform, omnichannel experience seamlessly.

Hosting + Support

Ongoing website support and maintenance services provide a resource for any technical issue that may arise for your business. I offer several monthly website maintenance plans that include 24/7 web uptime, downtime, and performance monitoring. In addition, I handle backups, malware and virus scanning, protection from hackers, broken link fixes, domain name management and much more.

Media Marketing

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy allows you to capture, engage, and convert your target audience in real-time. I develop a digital marketing strategy with 4 main ingredients: the right message, to the right people, on the right platform and of course, at the right time.

Web Design

Web design is more than just pretty images on a screen. I don’t believe in being just another web design company. I believe your website is the natural extension of your brand’s story that sets the tone for your online presence. Great web design pushes the boundaries between a static three column layout and gives users an immersive digital brand experience.